Should You Tell Your Partner What You Discuss In Your Own Therapy?

On my Facebook page, there was a discussion about whether people tell their partners what they discuss in therapy, after I posted the below comment!  Of course, there is no law that you have to disclose what you are discussing, and for people who are discussing ambivalence about their partner …

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What Would You Change If You Had Less Time To Live?

 Many clients come into my office experiencing deep dissatisfaction with their lives.  (I discuss this idea in this podcast on whether you find your life deeply fulfilling.) They feel unhappy and uneasy in regards to their careers, marriages, and/or their relationships with their children.  Often, they feel that their time …


Can Men Have A Life Outside The Family/Work? AKA Stop Caring So Much What Your Wife Thinks: Part 2.

One of my most popular pieces is here: Stop Caring So Much About What Your Wife Thinks.  I summarize the situation in many households as follows: The man starts out being scared of his wife’s rejection and/or of his decisions turning out badly, so, over time, he takes less and …


Three Types Of Risk Taking And Their Impact On Relationships

This year I built out my business, starting a group practice and a podcast in addition to my regular practice. Taking new risks in this way made me think deeply about risk in general, and the types of risk-taking that I observe in my clients.  Interestingly, risk-taking doesn’t seem to …

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Going To Therapy Is Easier Than You Think

In my podcast episode on Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families, I mention that it is easy to go to therapy (especially now that most people offer teletherapy) but hard to make the decision to go to therapy.  I would like to expand on this for all the people who follow …


Men Need To Love Their Wives As Much As Women Love Their Kids

Listen to a podcast about this here! In my ongoing quest to give you a non-PC straightforward look into couples dynamics, today we are going to explore another type of relationship that I have seen be successful (here’s some other examples).  I have previously said that men should listen to …


Grandparents (Even When They Were Terrible Parents) Don’t Generally Mess Up Grandkids

Listen to a related podcast on when you’re considering estrangement here! Many adult children of dysfunctional families don’t want their kids to interact with their parents because they fear that what was done to them as a child will be done to their kids.  (And sometimes, people don’t want their …

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6 Ways To Deal With Your Intolerance Of Kid Noise

Many women that I work with have a real intolerance of noise, particularly kids bickering or yelling. This is something that many of us Highly Sensitive Women struggle with, and it can be very hard to deal with when you have little kids.  Here are some concrete ways to understand …

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Would Your Partner’s Peers Think They Are Lucky To Have You?

Many people act like they are being the best partner they can be, but they are really just staying inside their comfort zone. They may think they are being kind or even selfless, but if you look closely, but they are still not taking their partner’s own desires and love …

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Are You Overfunctioning In Your Marriage Because Intimacy Is Uncomfortable For You?

Many times women don’t feel taken care of by their partners, and I’ve written about that here and here. I’ve also addressed it in a podcast episode here.  A lot of those women are overfunctioners, which you can read about here. To sum a lot of that up, if you …