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I Was a Teenage Drug Addict: Guest Post

Today we have a guest post by Jay Pignatiello, who takes us behind the scenes into what it’s like to be addicted to drugs as a young person.  Jay is 27 years old and an alum of Atlas Recovery a sober living organization in Los Angeles where he also works. In …


The Bachelorette Recap, Episode 8: Hometown Dysfunction

We open in Chase’s hometown of Something Springs, Colorado, in the beautiful snow which is still not as gorgeous as Jojo herself.  She says how much she is looking forward to hometowns and seeing if she clicks with the guys’ families, and viewers throughout the nation with dysfunctional families feel hopeless …

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How Can I Tell Work That My Kids Come First?

Reader Sole Breadwinner Mom writes, I’m the sole breadwinner and my husband is the stay at home parent to our three kiddos. Work has been more stressful than usual— a lot of turnover, onboarding challenges with new employees. What has me so upset is that we had a very sensitive, …

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Obsessed With My Husband’s Past Experience With A Prostitute

Reader Husband Dated Hooker writes, I am having awful anxiety and obsessive thoughts about my husband’s life prior to me. My husband is a wonderful man, amazing step dad, and just “gets me.” We have been together for five years, but in the three years previous to that my husband was in …


The Bachelorette Recap, Episode 7: Jojo Likes Confident Dudes

Last week we took a hiatus from The Bachelorette, but thankfully, today we are back with Jojo and her harem of hot dudes.  We open with Jojo packing her suitcase in Buenos Aires, and walking out of the hotel in her boots and slim black pants and perfectly done hair, with an …

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We May Be Moving, How And When Should I Tell My Highly Sensitive Child?

Reader Fragile Cargo writes, I’m seeking advice on telling a sensitive 7 year old about moving to a new state (my spouse’s company is moving). We are sensitive people too and feeling anxious about her reaction to leaving her school, friends and grandparents/cousins who are nearby now. We also have …

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Will My Stable Boyfriend Eventually Bore Me?

Reader Bored writes, In your article “Couples You Meet in Counseling #4: The Wife Who Wants More and Her Annoyingly Satisfied Husband” the couple sounds a lot like me and my boyfriend.  In relationships with the more adventurous and fun types I have felt insecure and anxious but never bored! …

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My Fiance’s 9 Year Old Has Anxiety Attacks When He Asks Her To Spend Time With Me

Reader At My Wits End writes, I have been dating an amazing man for the past 3 years and we are recently engaged. We have 3 kids from our prior marriages, one 6 year old boy from mine, and a 4 year old boy and 9 year old girl from …

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Six Ways For Anxious Parents To Avoid Passing Their Anxiety To Their Kids

I get a lot of questions from parents who struggle with anxiety, and I also see many anxious parents in my practice.  Anxiety is heritable, but, just like most other issues, it is impacted by both genes and environment.  While you can’t remove your anxiety-prone DNA from your child, you can ensure that …

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Should I Have My Daughter Skip Pre-K And Enter Kindergarten At 4?

Reader Mom Of Gifted writes, I’m thinking about skipping a grade for my 4 year old and entering her into Kindergarten this year. She is a very determined child and likes to keep up with her older brother (2 years older). She already can write and regularly asks us to …


The Bachelorette Recap, Episode 6: Jojo Likes Alpha Males

I would first like to note that it is absurd that any of these guys think that Jojo is going to remain as bubbly and easily sexually aroused as a long term partner as she is in this veritable amusement park of hot guys vying for her attention, TV cameras …


Should You Be A Therapist In Private Practice? A (Not Very Serious) Quiz

Many readers tell me that they are interested in having a career like me.  Well, okay, maybe three people have said this but whatever.  In order to help you decide if being a psychologist in private practice is your ball of wax, I’ve created the following quick and easy quiz.   …


Want me to analyze your texts for fun?


I have been reading about domestic discipline for about a week and just introduced it to my husband 3 days ago, he agreed to give it a try. I have…


Also, 'make it even?' Are you upset she's had more sex then you have? And do you realize how you are *still* devaluing women? Dude, grow up. If your girlfriend…


Dude, what the fuck? It's not hard to accept at all. It's only hard to accept if you yourself are close minded and judgemental and have a huge sense of…

Oh dear

Oh my, my, my.... Honestly? The prostitute is likely the least of your problems. So he dated a prostitute (which is what he did, he lived with her, told her…

Samantha Rodman

that study is about college women. look, yes women can get off but within monogamous long term relationships, the majority of women can get off and just don't want to.…

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