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The Bachelorette Recap, Episode 6: Jojo Likes Alpha Males

I would first like to note that it is absurd that any of these guys think that Jojo is going to remain as bubbly and easily sexually aroused as a long term partner as she is in this veritable amusement park of hot guys vying for her attention, TV cameras …


Should You Be A Therapist In Private Practice? A (Not Very Serious) Quiz

Many readers tell me that they are interested in having a career like me.  Well, okay, maybe three people have said this but whatever.  In order to help you decide if being a psychologist in private practice is your ball of wax, I’ve created the following quick and easy quiz.   …

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I Fantasize About Men And Have Cheated With Men, How Can I Tell My Wife?

Reader Secret Bisexual writes, I just read your blog from the woman who found gay porn on her husbands laptop and my first thought was that I could tell the other side of that. I am a happily married man and I have the hidden bisexual porn. I’m 35, and …

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When People Undergo The Same Stressors, Why Do Some Learn And Grow, And Others Don’t?

Reader Philosophical Questioner writes, Why do some people have maturity and perspective, while other people, with similar experiences, lack these qualities? I can think of two of my siblings, and my father and uncle. Both pairs of people have experienced regular life trauma: challenging relationships, the deaths of partners, etc. …


The Bachelorette Recap: Episode 5: Is Jordan A Chad?

We open with Chad back in the house, despite having just been kicked off the show.  Jordan tries to reason with him, saying the guys and Chad should apologize to each other, and Chad refuses, saying that the whole group came after him and he doesn’t regret anything or have to …

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My Husband Threatens To Leave All The Time, Including If I Don’t Have Sex 6-7 Times A Week

Reader Victimized writes, My husband and I have been together for nearly 10 yrs (4 yrs married) and we have 1 amazing seven year old daughter together. I am 27 he is 32. Before we had our child I had always had a stable job, worked full time outside the house …

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My Only Child Can’t Make Friends

Reader Only Child Mom writes, I have one daughter (cannot have more children) and really need some advice because her situation is very different from my childhood experience. I am the youngest of 4 siblings and also grew up with neighbors and cousins to play with. My husband and I …

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What Men Really Want From Marriage: Guest Post

I asked a male reader to take us into the male mind, and answer the question, “What do men really want from marriage?”  He did a bang-up job, and here it is, in honor of Father’s Day! So when I was asked to write what men wanted out of marriage …


The Bachelorette Episode 3, Part 2 Recap

We open with Chris Harrison telling Chad to fix his relationships with the other guys, at the end of last episode.  He walks into the house, shirtless.  He and Evan have words, going back and forth about who was disrespectful to whom, and then it tapers off, because it’s boring …

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My Husband Refuses To Go To Bed At The Same Time As Me

Reader Lonely In Bed writes, My husband and I are at the breaking point. He lost his job but even before that things were bad. I’ve been begging him to go to bed at the same time as me for years – he says he will but never does, ending up …


Why Your Wife Doesn’t Want To Get A Babysitter (Or Outsource Other Household Tasks)

I always recommend that parents get babysitters, and this post isn’t contradicting that.  I firmly believe that if you have zero breaks from your kids, you are likely a worse parent for it, unless you are some kind of amazingly patient Mother Teresa-like person.  However, many women I see in couples counseling …

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Nothing Is Wrong In My Marriage But I Fear We Are Headed For Divorce

Reader Discontented writes, My husband and I have been married almost 20 years, and have 2 kids who will be heading off to college within the next 5 years. my husband is a great guy, fabulous lover, wonderful father, hardworking, cooks, cleans, the whole package.  The problem?  I think we’re …


Want me to analyze your texts for fun?

Samantha Rodman

Thank you! She likes them because they trigger evolutionary desires to mate with high sperm quality dudes. I would imagine many women watching feel the same :-)


I love reading your blog, particularly the Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps. I'd also like to commend you for posting a reply to address people who want to dictate the contents of your…


Isn't it weird how JoJo just all of a sudden brought up that she met Jordan's ex-girlfriend? I mean she was all about him and then out of the blue…


Very well written. I'm sure many husbands can relate to this. At times it felt like my wife had pulled a "bait and switch" after a few years of marriage.…


I doubt he would actually leave. More likely he is using that as another way of controlling her. After all, he's getting sex from her and oral 6-7 times a…

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