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How Can I Motivate My Kid In School Without Being A Tiger Dad?

Reader Academic-Minded Dad writes, My parents were both teachers and my mom pushed academics crazy hard. School performance got all tied up with my self-worth and by the time I got to college it led to a rift with her that’s never fully healed. So now I have three kids and my oldest has …

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Why Can’t My Wife Just Go Down On Me When She Doesn’t Want Sex?

There was recently the following comment on my article “Game Plan For Less Boring Sex” in which I recommend that the lower libido partner be the one to initiate sex for a while: Dear Dr Psych Mom, Your suggestion seems to be that the husband should wait for his wife …

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My New Book, 52 Emails To Transform Your Marriage, Is Available For Pre-Order!

Hey guys!  I am so excited to share that my new book is available for pre-order here on Amazon! My book guides you step by step through emails that you and your partner can exchange, every day or once a week or just once ever, that are designed to help you learn …

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I’m An Older Bride, How Can I Keep My Independence In Marriage?

Reader Free To Be Me writes, I am going to be an older bride and I have spent so many years doing my own thing. Even through all the boyfriends of the past, it was fairly easy to get time to myself. I am so used to doing what I want …

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I Save Children’s Lives Yet My Wife Won’t Have Frequent, Varied Sex With Me

Writer Never The Problem writes, I am completely in love with my wife and, after 9 years as a couple and 6 years of marriage, am just as physically attracted to her as ever. We have 3 great kids together and by most standards, have a successful marriage. Though there …

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I Hate My Brother-in-Law, What Do I Tell My Kids About Why We Don’t See Him?

Reader Frustrated With Inlaws writes: My husband’s older brother lives 2 hours away and rarely visits. He and his girlfriend have two children, same as us, and they expect us to put in all the effort, otherwise we don’t see them. We have given up and they’ve never met our nearly …

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Should I Leave My Husband Who Cheated And Doesn’t Want Sex, To Avoid Being Alone?

Reader Dazed And Confused writes, My problem is this: I am 54 and my husband is 55. We have been married for 27 years. We have four grown children. Twice he has had an affair with someone much younger, once fifteen years ago and now last December I found out …

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My Husband Plays Video Games All The Time And I’m Worried For When Our Baby Arrives

Reader Gaming Widow writes, I am pregnant and I am worried about my husband’s gaming issue. I am not someone who buys into “after kids people will be totally different.” I fear that it’s too deep of a behavior pattern or addiction for anything to break it up. The first year we …


#WOWSummit: Event for Health-Minded #Moms And #Bloggers!

On October 7th and 8th, I’m so excited that instead of the usual hanging out with my kids and grocery shopping (be jealous of my glamorous life), I will be at the awesome Moms Meet WOW Summit!  This annual event will take place in National Harbor, MD, only 50 minutes from …

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I’m a Neat Freak And It Makes Me Happy: Guest Post

This reader takes us into the world of a mom (and faithful Dr. Psych Mom reader) Kim Siegert, who loves to organize and keeps a very neat home. There has been some pushback about neat moms, with memes about messy homes making happy kids, and I liked the points made in …

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My Husband’s Birthday Gifts Suck Even Worse Than The Vacuum Cleaner He Promised Me And Didn’t Buy

Reader Husband’s Gifts Suck writes, I never really considered writing in because I am a perfect person and I have no problems whatsoever. Just kidding. I have one problem. And that is my husband sucks at birthdays. We’ve been married for 10 years and we have a pretty good relationship …


The Bachelorette Finale, In Which Jojo’s Decision Sucks

Finally!  The night has come (or the following afternoon for those of us who watch on Hulu) where viewers across American finally find out which guy Jojo will choose to date for the next six weeks, I mean, to marry.  We’re watching live and we get to see that Beneric is …


Want me to analyze your texts for fun?


"Why won't she just do oral?" Hahahaha omg, because that's not the easy way out! That's so much more work on her part. That's like saying "my husband refuses to…


I agree with you about this topic...well said.


Do you see what's happening here? The writer is guilty of jumping to conclusions without getting all the necessary information. Which is precisely what you proceed to do. My point…


I can't cite my main point, which is that he seems to have never asked her what she wants, because nowhere in the letter does it say he asked her…


Any updates? Going through an eerily similar situation. Very exhausting and frustrating. So tired of the drama!

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